Friday, March 16, 2012


I participated in my first early morning run today, 5:45am to be exact. When I went to bed last night, all I was thinking was am I really going to get up and do this? It's sooo early and I'm on Spring Break. After going back and forth with myself I set my alarm and went to sleep, with thoughts of I'll do it, and just go back to sleep when I get home (which I DID do). Two others showed up, thank God because it was super dark out there because of the time change, and boy did we had a great time. Something about the morning air made my run a bit more enjoyable and I must say I've never felt so refreshed after a run. I now have something to think about once I return back to work, if I want to sacrifice some hours of sleep to get in a better run. I have to be to work at 8am daily and we were done with 4 miles before 7 am, so it is doable. Now it's time for me to see how serious I am about running and it's looking like I'm officially addicted because if my crew can do this at least two mornings each week, I'll be in! I also want to thank my friend Shashu Franklin (in the pic with me) for pushing me to go the extra mile literally. I usually stop at 3 and today we did 4, a little more each time and I'll definitely be ready for my half. That's it for today, hope this has inspired some of you who dread getting up early because you love sleep like me, to get up and give an early morning run a try.

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