Saturday, March 10, 2012

1st 5K- ICare ICure Feb 12, 2012

February 12, 2012- I Care I Cure 5K- Bank Atlantic Center Sunrise, FL

My nerves were everywhere the morning of my first 5K, and let's just say the fact it was 40 degrees didn't make it any better. That week I prayed God please don't let it rain, all I need is a reason for me to not go through with it and I felt if I couldn't do the 5K I wouldn't build up the courage to do another one, I'd just put it off as much as I could. I remember when I went to register for the 5K online and how I kept hesitating before I hit the submit button, but pushing that submit button wasn't as liberating as crossing that finish line February 12th.
As I lined up in preparation for the race, thoughts like : did I eat enough, is my iPod playlist right, and most of all oh God please don't let me come in last!. I set the goal for myself to try and finish in under an hour (45 minutes to be exact) thinking about how long it took me to run/jog a mile on the treadmill I thought that was an achievable goal. So I'm looking at all the seasoned runners thinking I need to make sure I'm out of their way so I don't get trampled.

Time to line up, I'm next to my fellow BGR members who are encouraging each other and saying "run your race" stomach in knots and then I hear "GO!" We were off I took off like I was a freaking pro, in my head I'm like "umm Apryl, you know you don't run this fast, but hey just like when driving, just go with the flow of traffic. I was off to a great start I jogged the first mile and was ever so happy to see that water table (even though I think most of the water landed on me instead of in my mouth) which made me even colder. I slowed down a bit but I told myself, no matter what KEEP MOVING, now the goof ball I am bust out laughing because mid way through the race they have cheering squads telling up we could do it, and one of the squads were cows that said "KEEP MOOOOO-ving" as me and grandmother say "that tickled me so" and actually gave me a little more boost!...anywho moving along, I came to the 2nd mile marker and saw the time and was like wow Apryl don't get too comfortable you still have a long way to go....then finally I see the finish line and I see I WONT BE LAST lol, I push a little harder, there is no way I am going to walk across that finish line. I walk for about 1 minute then tell myself "let's get it" and I give it all my might and run across the finish line! What do you know, I crossed at 37:57 THANK YOU LORD!!! Not only did I not come in last or pass out during the race, I beat the goal I set for myself!
The first person I texted was my sister she had to know and her excitement got me even more crunk. From that point I knew this is something I want to continue doing!

Overall my net time for the race was 37:30 with 12:04 avg per mile.

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