Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Some Like it Hot!?!

Some like it HOT!?! Well, even though I live in S. FL I hate being hot! However, I am quick to check out the latest workout crazes I learn about, as I partake in my healthy journey to a new me. About 2 weeks ago I checked out Bikram Hot Yoga, oh boy, the longest and worst 90 minutes of my life. Oh Apryl, you are being so drastic, but hey it was just too damn hot! I found no pleasure in working out in a 105 + degree room. I found myself wiping away sweat and slipping and sliding from my own sweat then actually being able to get the correct forms. I can honestly say I didn't get much out that class. Just when I was going to throw the sweaty towel in and say down with Bikram hot yoga, some ladies in BGR suggested Sweaty Fusion Flow. It's a milder hot yoga; 75 minutes and the room is not 105 degrees.

Today I ventured out and went to Sweaty Fusion Flow yoga and I have three words after going "I'm in LOVE"! I don't know if it was the change of temperature (the room is still warm) or the time difference, or it could've been our great instructor Mara. I really felt I got all the benefits of yoga that people are always talking about. I can't wait for my next class on Monday night, I liked it so much I'm even going to rearrange my Monday training sessions with my trainer ( he will get over it). Now some like it hot, this girl likes it warm, but I say try Bikram and Sweaty Fusion Flow and see which kind of girl you are!

If you live in S. Florida (Fort Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines, Weston, N. Miami area) I suggest checking out this class the first class is FREE and they are willing to give you a discount on the classes you attend if you are a member of a gym on your second visit. Check it out and let me know how it went!

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