Monday, March 12, 2012

After School Special- NO GOOD

So one of my sister's nickname for me is "After School Special" if you are old enough to remember this show, it came on every day "after school" and taught us some kind of lesson...well I have yet to learn my lesson of eating enough when training, working out, or running. Yesterday, I knew I hadn't had much to eat but felt fine. I was like let me just eat a greek yogurt before this run and I should be just fine. Well, if things turned out just fine, I would not be here writing about it. I did 3.7 miles in 46 minutes, during this run I cramped up on my right side, but I was like ohh yes this is runner's pain (yes, I'm crazy) and I can run through this... no pain no gain!!! Well, after my 3.7 miles I was feeling just fine and waiting for the others in BGR to finish their miles. So every Sunday after our group runs we do a mini boot camp in the parking lot before we go home, I made it halfway through the 2nd set and was like "oh boy" somethings is so not right with my body right now. I took a sip of water and sat out the end of the second set thinking of this will pass. Well me being superwoman had to do the last set I just had to I'm not a quitter, long story short, my body made me quit! It took all of me to sneak away from the group and make it to my car. I have yet to learn how to drop the "P" and ride and let others help me so I muster up enough energy to drive, well nobody but God took my wheel, as I'm driving my eyes start rolling I'm assuming because all I started seeing was a little bit of the road and a whole lot of white. Luckily, I made it to the gas station on the corner into a parking spot. I laid their for at least 10 minutes thinking, 1.) should I call someone to come get me, 2). will I be able to shake this off and make it to Panera (closest place to eat) and put something in my system. I chose option 2 after resting up and composing myself and of course thanking God for watching over this fool!

This time really did it for me, guess the third time really is a charm, so take the advice of this "After School Special" please be sure to eat and fully hydrate before taking part in any vigorous exercising!

Just one of the many obstacles I'll face on my journey to my half marathon, I pray that this series will be canceled and that there won't be a rerun of this episode.

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  1. Glad to hear you are safe & eating is a must before running. :)