Friday, March 29, 2013

Running Backwards...

 After reading this Chinese Proverb, I had to step outside myself for a moment. At the Disney Princess  last month, I came in contact with so many different kinds of "runners" from elite to beginners. I fall somewhere in the middle. I was so frustrated during the race because for some reason I felt everyone should know the rules of the race, if you going to slow down or walk simply move over so others can continue their pace. I let that bother me until it came to me maybe they just don't know any better.  Some of these women were taking that single step on Sunday getting their feet wet and starting a new journey in their lives. Who am I to be mad at them, when I was in their shoes last year this time.

With all of that I have started to "run backwards" and I'm getting all of my friends who are just starting this running journey. While running backwards, I am picking up friends who are terrified of starting the journey, friends who just need support, and friends who have started but somehow just fell off. Once I run as far back as I need to, then TOGETHER we will start to move forward and go after that new healthy lifestyle. This post isn't long but,  just I needed to humble myself before I got too big for my running britches.

Are you willing to "run backwards" to help others in this race?