Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A "Run" Down of 2012

Hard to believe it has been a year since I started my new running lifestyle. I can honestly say that it has been a great journey and I am excited about continuing it in 2013.

So here is a run down of 2012

  • I was able to complete a race every month like I planned, I actually was able to complete 15 races.
  • I achieved my mileage goal, and ran over 300 miles.
  • I conquered my fear and successfully ran a half marathon and faster than I expected.
  • I connected with a great group of women through Black Girls Run!
  • Participated in the Inaugural Black Girls Run Conference and 10K Run in September.
  • Ran the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. 
  • Inspired others to get serious about their health.
  • Lost 21 pounds and went down 6 clothing sizes
  • Went from a 15 minute mile to a 10 minute mile average
  • Became an early morning runner ( race days mainly)
  • Completed numerous mile challenges 
  • Made new friends, runners are so freakin friendly... must be those endorphins. 
  • Most importantly, I was able run 12 miles straight on Christmas Eve, big difference from me struggling to run a mile straight.

I must say that I am very proud of my running accomplishments for 2012. Thanks everyone for your kind words or motivation, support, and simply being some of my #1 fans.
I am sure that my list of accomplishments will be even longer. For a more in depth review of 2012 please feel free to visit my blog and read previous posts. Have a great 2013!!!!.

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  1. Great running girl!!! I especially loved our 12 miler!!! Who would have thought? From couch to 13.1's!!!